New Years Eve Kirtan, Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance in Asheville, NC

Join us for a Sacred, Playful, and Illuminated Celebration of New Year’s Eve!! (12th Annual)

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$25 presale tickets (first tier) untl December 20th
$30 presale tickts (second tier) Dec. 21-30
$35 – $50 sliding scale at the door

Odyssey Community School
90 Zillicoa Street
Asheville, NC 28801

December 31, 2016
Doors open at 7:00
Kirtan begins at 7:30

~ Kirtan with Sangita Devi & Friends
~ New Year’s Eve Water Ceremony to create Intentions for 2017!
~ Ecstatic Dance DJed live by Robert Kochka
~ Dobra Tea Infusion Lounge
~ Ceremonial Cacao by Sacred Cacoa~Medicine of the Heart~ (Binah Crabtree)
~ Sound Healing Bath with Billy Zanski
~ Co-creative altar & art space

The evening will begin with a Kirtan led by Sangita Devi and friends. The kirtan will evolve into  a Sound Healing Bath led by Billy Zanski preparing the space for our NYE ritual. There will be an interactive group water ceremony to set intentions for the New Year. The ceremony will be followed by an Ecstatic Dance wave, weaving us together in celebration as we welcome in the New Year.

Samata DeCori – Lead Vocals & Harmonium
Noah Stockdale- Bass & Vocals
Allison Zopel-Cello, Harp, & Vocals
Nicholas Andrea- Drums & Vocals
Noah Rouse Wilson – Sitar & Hammered Dulcimer
Victoria Bulostin – Vocals & Harmonium

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About the Event~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Through call and response chanting we have the opportunity to awaken the true knowledge and inner light in ourselves and merge with the divine. We experience the bliss of our true self by letting the mind expand in the sound of sacred chanting. Through this, each one of us can enjoy the peace born of our true nature. When we chant we open to pure love, and through pure love we bring peace to the world and to all beings everywhere.

Sangita Devi has been leading kirtan on a weekly basis bringing community together to share in satsang and devotion in Asheville and the Southeast region for over 14 years. For more info check out:

This will be the 12th consecutive New Year’s Eve event that Sangita Devi has hosted. We are excited to once again bring our amazing community together to clebrate te new year..

It is free-form dance to a soundtrack that is designed to take you on a journey from a deep reflective space, all the way up to a driving high energy peak – and back down again. Some people meditate, some people do yoga, and some dance into ecstatic joy. The most important thing is that other peoples’ safety is honored.

The Tea Lounge is an Intentionally curated space with a delightful selection of aromas, tastes, smell, lighting, and subtle soundscapes. The magic of the Tea Lounge allows people to take a moment, connect and engage with one another. We are excited to share with you this experience of relaxation, rejuvenation, and celebration!

SACRED CACAO ~Medicine of the Heart~
Binah will be offering a ceremonial cacao beverage for $5 and medicine truffles for $3. Xocolatl (bitter water) is a traditional cacao (chocolate) drink dating back to the Aztec and Mayan cultures that opens the heart and mind increasing available energy and focus. This potent “hot cocoa” uses heirloom variety, hand peeled and roasted, Guatemalan cacao beans and will be created specially for the new years occasion using superfoods and herbs. A perfect complement to the practice of kirtan, Cacao has been called the “food for the shift”.

We will have an altar where you will be able to write, draw and paint your intentions into a glorious and bold new year! We’re really excited about this to find out more, you’ll just have to come on New Years Eve! :D

CHILDREN Please note that children are welcome to attend with their families, but there will be no childcare provided. We ask parents to keep your children with you and help them to respect the quiet times, ESPECIALLY during the intention-setting ceremony. This is important. Thank you! ****
Children 12 and under free~

VOLUNTEERING: There will be a limited number of work/trade options for people who would like to participate but who are tight with funds – or who would like to contribute in a non-financial way. If this is something that interests you, please email Samata at

new years eve kirtan asheville, nc


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